The Wayfaring

So another day gives way to dusk
Feels like more than 40 years of road

I kept pace down Fifth Avenue
and ambled on West 4th where
I shot the eight ball into corner
pockets in the Village, time
ungrudging when I was young.

Verdant Pennsylvania trails crossed
country to Pacific sand where I met
the man who would set out to chart
new ground with me.

I’ve stumbled on pockmarked
streets, lost the North Star
benighted by strength that failed
me. Oh, those angels I couldn’t pay back
because I was meant to pay forward.

And I still do.

Let me set down this bag:
wallet, pots, dishes, cordial
aged with memories I’d like to
rewrite but full with inspiration
unco-rked it purples pages of books,
paper and pen

And though night blackens my way
tonight, with faith in a new moon
I rise again for the holistic journey.