I Would Gather All The Words

If I could I would gather all the words from the wild, pick them like berries     and press them into these pages to     bleed them, beautiful, into my notebook I would chase syllable streams that refresh dry banks and stop. at the quarry where I will cut confused hands on stone,     going […]

Bonjour, Texas: Summer 1966

By the second week I learned that Texans sweat as much as the French, and swear even more, that you couldn’t fight one twin without taking on the other. But the librarian would slip me the choicest donated fiction, and I played baseball every day in the vacant lot until sundown called the players home to black […]

When My Blog Died

I want to file an official complaint as a subscriber to the Holistic Wayfarer for going MIA on us. (Completely forgetting she’s been out week after week with his son while keeping the lessons going.) You need to blog again, be reminded there are good people all over the world. They want to hear from […]