COVID-19, The Battle For Our Safety…and Our Mind

The effectiveness of cotton masks. Who should take caution with Hydroxychloroquine. Transmission to/fro people and pets. Infection vs. fatality rate. When we might expect the next pandemic. Relapse vs. Reinfection. The New York Times, April 19: It is not clear whether recovery from the virus and antibodies confer immunity. Professor Kim knows.


This interview follows up Part 1 which went viral. Professor Kim explained the need for masks long before the U.S. and CDC got a clue. I disagree with him in this video that there’s nothing we can do for our immune system. I don’t believe we’re sitting ducks. Well, those of us who’re not bedbound in a nursing home. But this humble man has shared what he knows with no apparent agenda beyond the saving of lives, and has explained the mechanisms of the virus better than anyone I’ve heard.

Notice the government and media in the West have tamped down all talk of natural ways we can keep up our health. What? Remind people that that they have control? Acknowledge the driving power of the mind and emotions in our well-being? We couldn’t bottle fear then, peddle it in a prescription drug and rake in the money on a vaccine. No, no. Something as uncomplicated and accessible as vitamins can’t help boost our immune. Actually, a blood test (called a G6PD) will determine if you have the enzymes needed to process high doses of vitamin C. The I.V. revived a friend of mine from pneumonia a few years back. But no, the solution is in the hands of experts. And we can’t worry about the chances the virus will have mutated by the time we come out with a vaccine. Here’s Dr. Shiva from M.I.T. on government control and understanding of health:


Cordyceps and OPCs also do wonders for our immune, but that is no blanket assertion. You have to do your research and make sure nothing you take might interact with medication or threaten a preexisting condition. EFT, also known as tapping, a simple way of energizing the organs and balancing the body, has raised the oxygen level of COVID patients who had trouble breathing. But this is only anecdotal testimony. Please do your research.

My parents are in the eye of the storm in NYC, and concerned for them, I am so grateful for the luxury of space we enjoy in this part of California. I’ve been vigilant in the face of this virus, and send my sympathies to those who have suffered. But these stats might give us some perspective.

54 thoughts on “COVID-19, The Battle For Our Safety…and Our Mind

    • I can allow for that. Posting a chart a friend sent isn’t quite research. =) But I’m sharing with friends here, just as one shared with me. And whether we think the numbers are right or “very wrong”, we should be able to back it up. But there’s a bigger point the chart is making, the stats in relation to one another.

      • You can get the CDC numbers in about 5 seconds and American Abortion rates as well, and the number of deaths from the virus.
        Its hard to fathom the murder and genocide going on in Hospitals under the name choice. Leaders who don’t stop this sort of thing are by standing war criminals of a sort. Negligence causing a type of genocide.

    • Even if the statistics can be assumed to be correct, it is still very misleading and not a valid comparison because the spread of coronovirus is still at an early stage, whereas those ten other measurements or indices refer to things that have been well established for decades or even longer.

      • The nascent stage of the virus did cross my mind, but these stats refer ti a carved period of time. The cross-section of time gives us an idea as to where to place the COVID numbers in our mental schema. It doesn’t matter if the abortion numbers are off by a million, two, or three. That doesn’t change the overall point. And traffic accidents and suicide are not predictable or “established” in the way other stats might be. I don’t even know how it’s possible to chase every number down. We’ll never know the real stats.

      • I concur with you, Diana. In addition, it is too bad that the vaccines are still at least one year away from being available, as far as the experts can foresee. May you all have a very lovely April! As we maintain spatial distancing and stay home to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus, please allow me the pleasure to entertain you with my poem as well as my original musical compositions published in the multimedia post at

        I welcome your feedback there. May the music and poem bring you some creative “distractions” amidst the disruptions and woes engendered by the pandemic!

  1. Thanks for the chart on annual deaths from other things. t really does put things in perspective.

    Side rant here-Some of the best natural things you can do for your immune system is get plenty of vitamin D, preferably from sunshine, exercise and fresh air. Yet cities across the country have closed beaches, parks and hiking trails even though there are no cases of outside transmission. Everyone now crowds neighborhood streets and sidewalks while dealing with increased vehicle traffic.

  2. My son was in Queens but things are getting rough there so they’re camping out with friends outside of town. I think I worry about the social unrest more than the virus itself.

  3. Not at all sure of those stats. I had a granddaughter in NY too and she fortunately was able to get out of the environment until things come back to normal if that’s possible. Looks like we can expect this to be a reoccurring scourge in future. It’s been present in bats for thousands of years but for some reason crossed over to humans and mutated around the world. Pray for all those affected.

    • The point of the stats was their relationship to one another. They may have read “Around 10 million” and would’ve gotten their message across – the bottom number vis-à-vis the top. And because I question everything out of China, I am not sure we can really know how people picked up this virus. But what matters is that our loved ones are safe, right? So glad your granddaughter made it out, Ian. Stay safe, my friend.

  4. The fever pitch of the public can be very dangerous if things continue as they are. America, those who live in liberty, not only are not conditioned to be in restrictions, but history shows they fight to achieve it. This virus must be contained if only for the public’s peace of mind. Prayers. – Alan

  5. If America pushes its liberty over its people, then it probably will deserve what it gets. By all means, reopen, expose everyone, kill a bunch of people needlessly. Maybe that’s what the American dream has become. Maybe it’s end of empire.

    • The government sets limits on our rights where the greater good trumps them, as in the freedom of speech. Also noteworthy that it’s the restrictive gov’ts that were able to manage and tamp down the outbreak.

  6. There’s so much information out there that it can be hard for an ordinary person to decide what is true and what isn’t, what is useful and what isn’t. I think any school of thought that excludes even the possibility of something else working is suspect. I work in a local authority, where we get guidance from the local Director of Public Health – I will take that over random things I read. But I also know professional medicine is often dismissive of alternatives which I see value in. The days when we accept what a medical person says without question should be gone.

    • Right on, Andrea. Diplomatic as always. I went ahead and posted the stats so we get some perspective on tragedies relative to each other, not because I thought the numbers were gospel. I don’t even know how it’d be possible to chase down every stat from every corner of the world.

      “The days when we accept what a medical person says without question should be gone.”


  7. I hear you, Diana. Add goldenseal to your list of stuff to combat respiratory illness. Plus we’ve been taking zinc, vit c, grapeseed extract, and turkey tail mushrooms. xo

  8. I agree with you and the stats that you quoted. We need to understand that many people can’t fathom that we would be lied to be the government or the news. It is a difficult thing to see the world in the light that it is placed by God. Only well-saved people appreciate the sinfulness of men. Most governments around the world are very hard on people, millions of their own people killed by their leaders. In America, we have respect for people and can’t believe in evil men or that the government could be up to something very bad. God cannot lie and men do. Praise His name. Thanks for the blog.

  9. Thanks Diana, I’ll watch the two links you posted. Sorry to hear about your parents, I hope they’re safe and well and avoid this silent enemy.

    There’s so much info – and faaaar too much fear which is a virus in itself. I’m pretty pissed off that aren’t allowed on the beaches, even in a ‘controlled’ manner – restrictions restrictions is the name of the game now and any small freedoms we had are being taken away from us. But we can do what we can – eat well, exercise in our living rooms, walk/run around our gardens. Those who live in cramped squatter camps or who live in poverty are in danger.

    We’re also extra vigilant … keep well and stay safe 🙂 xx

  10. Interesting post, D. Each country is dealing with this virus differently. No way is right or wrong, but sometimes maybe some places have acted to late. The stats you shared puts mortality and the different problems around the world into perspective. Disappointing that other causes of death haven’t been reported on as much. Hope your parents are alright in the middle of it all. Take care.

    • Just prior to reading this post, I read that the mortality rate for Corvid to date is half the lives lost to the flu last year. No one wants to see a single life lost. However, this virus has not come anywhere close to what they were predicting and still they make it seem like it excels all other health problems. Are we still treating people with heart disease, cancer, and dozens of other problems? My doctor friend told me not nearly like we should. I hope this virus is not belong elevated for political purposes, because if it is, that would be criminal.

      • That is so true, no one wants to see a single life lost. This virus, and many other viruses, will probably exist for a while to come. COVID-19 seems to be unpredictable with its varying symptoms and getting an immunity to it seems questionable. All viruses and illnesses should be treated with equal importance, and hope everyone realises that.

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