Guest Seat Open: Overhaul

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If you’re in enough pain, that’s going to move the needle for you. There’s a lot of people out there that are in just enough pain where they’re willing to just settle for what they have because they’re not in enough pain to change. And the fear of change outweighs the pain of their daily existence.
~ Rich Roll: athlete, author, podcast host

Do you have a story of transformation? A new Thing you’ve made or done, whether a change in career or lifestyle, or some long-needed overhaul that for you was difficult and wild? Maybe it was a shift in thinking that has you climbing new ground. Or you’ve answered poor choices with good ones. Maybe you cleaned out your house Marie Kondo-style and found it cleansed you emotionally and spiritually. Perhaps you’ve entered rehab, or are training for a marathon. What compelled you? Who inspired you? How did you manage discouragement? What did you learn about yourself? What is your relationship to pain? What did you fear along the way? Guest seats are open for the new series, but submissions must meet guidelines:

1. Catchy title
2. Piece must be fresh, not previously published elsewhere or on your blog. While the topic can be something you’ve mentioned on your blog, the details should be new.
3. Be sure to include your blog address at the end.
4. Maximum 500 words, quota written in stone. (FYI, less is more in my book.)
5. You will hear back within seven days from the date of submission if your piece will work as a guest post. Please understand that time will not allow me to respond to submissions I cannot accept. You can always publish the story on your blog if you don’t get a response. No throwing tomatoes, please.
6. Writing must be polished, though it need not be perfect. Rough drafts will go unread.
7. Please email your work to
8. Submissions portal closes Sunday, February 23, 11:59 PST.

Thanks, friends. Comments closed.