176 thoughts on “What My Husband Looks Like

  1. Very impressive! I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride this amazing form of transportation! I would assume that “training wheels” will work. I’ve been in the desert for a while, and have posted NO blogs for a while … but hope to get back into the saddle soon. Take care.

  2. Well that sure brightened up my morning; made me almost forget the two solid weeks or so of rain. I would say you make a “nice couple”, but who wants to get slapped before they finish their first coffee of the day? Tell your hubby I think he’s a great Dad, and a wonderful dino.

  3. Wow! I’ve toyed with the idea of learning to ride a unicycle but never got around to it. I’m glad for the warning that it would turn me into a T-rex! I had no idea that that would happen. Is it permanent or might your husband regain his human form?

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