106 thoughts on “Route 91, A Festival

  1. Every man, woman and child should understand this tragedy for what it was.

    I am not a country music fan, but I can’t take that from them. I am not a prophet, so I could not have warned them to stay away. Alas, I am not a poet, so I could never say all you have said in so few lines. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Pardon my lack of desire D. to comment further on something so well stated, especially noticing the intentional lower case united states……….

    • I hate that there was such a thing to write about but times like these, I feel honored to be able to call upon the power of art for a greater good. We remember our heroes. I appreciate the support, M.

  3. How sad and how easily we forget those lives ruined by the drive for fifteen minutes of fame… I do not know why people think they have the right to buy killing machines.

    • Things over here are similar to what you described of your home, your husband with the guns and your scarce experience with them. I sent the poem to WLP, not so much in political protest as in simple curiosity over how he might respond.

      Of course I have not heard back, though I did get word that a representative will follow up with me. But what CoULd he say to words like these, to the reminder that this can’t be about rights if we lose sight of humanity?

  4. We go on, and on, and deny what is painful to face. The Denier-in-Chief at least had the decency to get up, dress up and show up, a few days later, if only to make it largely about “Himself”. As long as the denial continues, so will the pain. Yes, send it to Wayne LaPierre, a country music fan- and send it to Alex Jones. Oh, wait, it was all George Soros’s fault.

  5. Profound, compelling, horrific in verse. So very true Diana. Terror and tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas seems unreal and I am sure, that I am not alone in disbelief. I have no other words than to say how very sorry I am for the people that died and I am so very sorry for those suffering in pain and in grief.

    • To say Tina Frost was “wounded” doesn’t seem to cut it. She is coming out of eye and brain surgery before managing a few breaths without the aid of a ventilator. And there are people who found themselves paralyzed. What a world. Thanks, Yvonne.

  6. A moving testament for those who died, those who may wish now that they had died, and those whose bodies or minds are scarred forever. This world needs poets like you to speak of such atrocities. Thank you from someone on the other side of the world.

    • I really appreciate your connecting from such a distance, Lesly. The privilege is mine in reaching hearts like yours and in upholding those who showed us that night amazing bravery and beauty. And there were many men who shielded their sweethearts with their own body. Sonny was known in his community as the sweetest, kindest soul. I had to honor him. Thanks so much for the follow. =)


  7. And I wonder will this be the one? The one to finally change things, to make people listen, as slowly it goes away to the back of the news. But this poem still stands in our grief, Thank you for these words.

  8. Well-written, Diana, of the horror all those innocent people endured…Our daughter was recently in Vegas, and when we saw this on the news, my husband and I immediately thought of her. We’re all country music fans, but that’s irrelevant because the genre wasn’t the issue or a contributing factor. However, maybe the fact that we are hit home in a surreal manner because we could’ve been there, too. Anyway, my heart breaks for those who perished, for their loved ones, and for those who are suffering mentally and physically because of this horrific evening that should’ve been a fun night of music under the stars. Thanks for sharing.
    ~Lauren 💕

    • What got me is the reminder that we walk on sand and that the sun can wink out in an eye blink. Michelle Vo was the daughter of immigrants like me. So many young people lost limb and life. I’m so glad your daughter is safe, Lauren!! Thanks for connecting.


      • Exactly, Diana! It’s so hard to wrap our heads around this kind of event, even though it continues to happen. When will it end? I mean, my gosh, between these sad tragedies and Mother Nature, I really don’t like watching the news. Yet, I want to be informed, too. Finding a balance…thanks about our daughter, too…xoxo

  9. Tragic. A poignant tribute. I had to read this beautiful piece four times, it made me ponder deep. I felt the soft entrance of moonlight you painted. This is truly beautiful, D.

    • I appreciate the lovely words and rereading, Chris. I enjoy the growing fullness of rereading poems. The senselessness, the keen orchestration, magnitude, and surprise of it go beyond words.


  10. Powerful poem with poignant and raw words. As a non-American person living on the other side of the globe this poem equally touches me. I can be far from Las Vegas and from the entire American continent but your words resonate universality.

  11. It will be good with me when tragic events stop happening to spur remembrance writings like this. This was painful to read and on point with the shock and horror remembered. May God Shower mercy, grace, and love on all hit with the reality of this event. I pray for a strong healing and forgiveness to flow from heaven to all.

  12. One of the most stirring poems I’ve read. The sadness of this tragedy, multiplied over and over can only be fully felt as a nation when brought to light with skill and grace. You’ve done this, your words hold the raw emotion with a complex question as to the state of our nation. Powerful writing, even when heartbreaking, is something to hold and treasure.

    • Thanks, friend. That readers would hold up the grief and suffering of those who were there is a greater hope than that they would hold up the writing. I can’t imagine what it is to have just buried a spouse or pray your child will walk again.

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  14. I am visiting via Diana at the Myths of The Mirror.
    I am overflowing with emotion, but bereft of words. This is a beautiful, raw piece … “the hard copper rain found them in the spaces of surprise”. 😪

  15. This was so personal to me. I moved back to New York City from Las Vegas in 2010. I worked at one of the casinos Downtown . I NEVER expected this to happen in Las Vegas of all places. I’m tired of asking why this continues to happen in this country but “it’s too soon to talk about gun control.” I pray for this country every day.

  16. What I find the hardest to reconcile is the sheer beauty that lives in some human beings and the sheer ugly that lives in others. And my fear is–is it always a choice?

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