A New Earth

Birdless sky swells grey blue against
trees that stand like brushes 
stiff in the cold

The penultimate breath
of a new earth

The dark disappears in a steadfast
philanthropy of color: red, orange, rose 
blush up from the land over lakes and hills 
and roof slats to tell the inhabitants

Night has not prevailed.

Earth  e x h a l e s
as the Sun spills her promise.


135 thoughts on “A New Earth

  1. Wow… so much said in so few words (which is the HW method!) This poem can take on different meanings from the beauty of creation, a fresh start in the New Year, to faith described (by changing Sun to Son.) Your poem is infused with relief, and more importantly with HOPE!

  2. Beautifully written. Love this: “The dark disappears in a steadfast/ philanthropy of color…”. The ending is also very nice and powerful.

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