When My Blog Died

EKGgreenI want to file an official complaint as a subscriber to the Holistic Wayfarer for going MIA on us. (Completely forgetting she’s been out week after week with his son while keeping the lessons going.) You need to blog again, be reminded there are good people all over the world. They want to hear from you. When you don’t blog for a while, you crawl into yourself and scowl about the people who are !@#!. You become deeper, happier, and look out when you engage your readers. You should take a few days off school, give T a break, and just BLOG.

~ Mr. Wayfarer last night

Tenny_studio2015C(Gasp. Break??)

Where I’ve been is a good question. The kitchen, trying to keep up with You-Know-Who’s sumo appetite. Foodie is growing before my eyes. We’ve been at the annual appointments I saved for the summer (photo shoot, physical, dental), and there are his classes. I’ve had all four hands in homeschool business – convention and conferences to boot. Also got off to a running start in preparing for the Fall cycle we’ll be entering with our group, working on a music project and gathering material. I remind myself I signed up for this. I’d rather choose my own curriculum than have the schools do it for me.

I believe that child rearing must come with an imperative, must be driven by a sense of longing and even destiny…I’ve witnessed this longing in other people…but I never felt it in myself. Moreover, as I aged, I discovered that I loved my work as a writer more and more, and I didn’t want to give up even an hour of that communion. Like Jinny in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves, I felt at times “a thousand capacities” spring up in me, and I wanted to chase them all down and make every last one of them manifest…Katherine Mansfield wrote in one of her youthful diaries, “I want to work!”

I, too, wanted to work. Uninterruptedly. Joyfully.”  ~ E. Gilbert in Committed

So what do you do when you can barely get your hands around both desires? When your whole wonderful life feels like an interruption of the work you want to do and your burden is heavier for the guilt of one who should be more grateful? As long as your child is young (or as long as you homeschool), you let go the notebook with your thousand capacities spilling over its pages and as it falls watch the rain bleed the ink into the ground. You take the hand you’ve emptied and close it over his. And you die just a little. Writing, after all, is only your oxygen.

At the conference last week, we were presented a chart that helped us sort our priorities. At the top was a section for

VITALS, what our life is about. This will depend on your worldview but most of us will fill this box in with relationships (with family, friends, self, God). Below that we had

NECESSITIES, where our time and money go. The things we need to sustain our life and our vitals. Food, shelter, health, education, transportation. They are not what life is about but postmoderners forget this in the grand Pursuit of Things. Below this box were the

ACCESSORIES, our happy upgrades. We need to eat but not at high-end restaurants. We need a car but not a Bentley. We need to work but don’t need to hanker after the position that will take us away from family. Last came the

DISPOSABLES. TV, Facebook, iGadgets. Many of us, especially in America, have turned our priorities over on their heads.

I appreciated the list but am still struggling with a part of it. Where does my writing go? The question at least explains the frustration that’s shadowed me this summer. While I live and work within the relationships that are important to me, writing fulfills me as nothing else can. It balances me, as I feel incomplete apart from it. It is a necessity because it feeds my relationship with my self – not to mention friends around the world. I feel at my best, approaching the summit of who I was meant to be almost like Gilbert’s Alma Whittaker who sets out to put a lifetime’s scientific study on paper, “not merely alive, but outfitted with a mind that was functioning at the uppermost limits of its capacity –  a mind that was seeing everything, and understanding everything, as though watching it all from the highest imaginable ridge. She would awaken, catch her breath, and immediately begin writing again.” ~ The Signature of All Things

But my words have been excised from my list of priorities this season as though they were disposable. (What do you do with that?? You eventually risk sabotaging your delicate sleep and write at two in the morning.) No wonder I’ve felt amputated.

I grew by an average of 1000 followers a month last year. But blog growth right now is a luxury of a thought. All these piles and piles of notes and drafts for posts, the books I’ve wanted to share with you, the personal challenges I’ve needed to process in print. Here I’ve sat before a keyboard that might as well have been calling from across the ocean. My Stats have read like an EKG of someone lost to us forever. Oh, my heart. But we can administer shock to resuscitate hearts, can’t we? When Opinionated Man asked for my keys and offered to run my site if I had to stay away any longer, the thought was enough to zap me out of the grave. statsNEW


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  1. Your writing dilemma is a shared affliction if that’s any consolation. However, as you mention, it’s also your oxygen. While caring for others may be our heart need, caring for our inner selves is our soul food. I’ve discovered by too often focusing on the wrong things, that my self-inflicted unhappiness makes me much less able to do much good for anyone else.

    Wise mothers often point out to their young that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Perhaps we adults would be wise to feed our souls first each morning.

    Glad to hear your voice again!

    • I really appreciate how you spell out the dichotomy that splits women, T. As nurturers, we aRe spring-loaded for heart deeds. But we most certainly need our soul food. I just don’t have much ME-time. And yes, with an accommodating family (Foodie will gladly forgo school to let me write ha ha ha ha ha), it’s really my own doing. So much more I can say. Thanks for being here.


  2. Glad to hear from you. This is a subject lately occupying my mind much. Where do I want my writing to go? What are my priorities? How do I proceed as I see these things change…Things which I presently do not have concrete answers for, but, maybe, down the road, I will. At any rate, happy to see you! God bless.

  3. No answers for where writing goes on the list in your busy, filled-up life! Life gets in the way is a given. I’ve had flatline stats often and it’s bothersome. But infrequent blog posts get my dedicated followers attention, so all is well. Hope you sort this out in your mind, and continue to write & blog. We’ll all be waiting, whenever! Christine

      • Diana, thanks so much or your thoughts. Infrequent blog posts for sure, but writing everyday. Editing a screenplay and helping to develop scenes. I love it! Will get back to the two WIPs soon. Always look forward to your posts. Do understand other priorities keep you from writing. Maybe short posts would be satisfying until your time opens up for longer. Even a photo with a paragraph to keep you connected! Have a great Friday and coming weekend! Christine

      • Actually, the short posts (the Train of Roses, for instance) are just that…a sign that I don’t have time for the longer ones requiring higher brain voltage. That’s wonderful you’re writing as you are, C! Screenplay sounds loads of fun.


  4. I’m glad I don’t have your schedule. Instead I sit at my computer and grunt, squeeze, shudder, shake and finally, Bloop! A word pops up on the screen. Olio. What the heck is olio? Did I misspell something? What am I trying to say here. And so it goes. All the time in the world to write and no clue how to do it. You, on the other hand, make it look easy. I thank you for that motivation. Otherwise, I might never find the strength to google what olio is and how it pertains to my theory that technology has made me stupid. And, I will wait patiently for the next post. 🙂

    • I know a very many writers who get their words out a lot faster than I do. =) And the buzz out here among all those who’re bizzzy posting will keep you more than occupied between my posts. -) Not to mention your own creative concocting, R. Thanks for the encouragement.


  5. Diana, you have a vocation. Accept it ! I can’t remember who said it but it went something like this “Rumours of my death are somewhat premature”.
    I have a vocation. You have probably guessed what it is. Vocation fits somewhere between VITALS and ACCESSORIES, and you know exactly where yours lies. Your man is dead right. (exactly right, I mean)

    • H!! You have tattooed yourself on my radar. You’re there to stay. THANK you!! You didn’t know that I’m the weirdo who catches all the fine print on the forms they want you to sign and sometimes will miss the header, what each page is about. =) It’s funny you remind me that I am fully occupied in vocation because two days ago I was out all day and told the Mr. that I clocked in the number of hours that moms who work outside the home do. (Asked where’s my pay??) I. Have. A. Vocation. No wonder I’m so tired and busy. LOL. You rock.

  6. I would have pressed the “like” except I thought it wouldn’t convey the sentiment. You are driving ALL TRHU MY NEIGHBORHOOD right now, albeit on a different street.

    Before realizing my homeschool season was over, I was in the same boat. I LIVED for the evenings I wrote, where I just felt like Vanessa with no other labels following. Now that my kids are returning to traditional school, I’m wondering what will I do, and well? I’m writing a book and I blog, yet my blog continues to struggle though I know writing is a passion God’s purposefully developing in me. Will I be home writing to myself, is that why I’m here? In a world that’s all about “what do you do,” what will I have to say? This is what I prayed about when my eyes opened this morning. HIS answer for me was this. “Your life in ME is not about what you do, but who you are. You are my beloved. Can that be enough?” Whoa…being loved dearly by Jesus is plenty, could it be?

    I’ve missed your writing for sure, but I’d much rather know you are being whoever you need to in this season. Who knows, maybe the change of focus will turn out to be a boon to your writing?

    • I would love your blog to be taking off but am glad you are growing through the questions, Vanessa. The question of ENOUGH is one I keep circling back to – I have posts on this. I think it is at the heart of the Gospel and of our life, and you arrived at the answer. Thanks so much for the encouragement — and for keeping up. Whatever boon to my writing will be an unexpected one, as I am not seeing much time for writing this year. At least not the time I managed to put in before.


  7. I have nearly 300 followers after three years of blogging. So your figure of 1000 followers per month elicits no sympathy from me. Blog when you have the time. Write when you have the time. Sacrifice sleep if you feel you must. But you chose the child. No notching about it will be sympathized with. I can tell it wasn’t an accident.

  8. Take a deep breath. And now another one. Relax. Your thoughts are appreciated, obviously, given the number of people who follow your blog. I think all of us who blog recognize the therapuetic aspects of sharing whatever it is that crosses our minds, and you probably need to write, for your sanity’s sake. There are however seasons in life where writing has to take a back seat to other acivities, other priorities. Just be true to yourself and God’s calling and the rest will take care of itself.

  9. Welcome back Diana. It’s good to know you and your blog are alive, if limping a bit. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughtful reflections on a busy life. You must decide your priorities. It would seem writing is closer to vital than accessory for you. For me, I write because I enjoy the community, but don’t feel a burning to write or ache when I don’t. I haven’t found that passion in my life. There is so much wisdom and caring here. That’s why I write, for the community. blessings to you and yours

  10. I wouldn’t worry about the stats, just know that you’ve been missed. Come back when you can, for your own sake. ❤️ Your boy is adorable. He will appreciate all that you are doing for him. ☺

  11. So sleep deprivation it is, I guess. At least that’s where I live. Nothing can take the place of “mom” and while they are growing, I feel the weight of that responsibility. I read an article once that talked about how women have a good 15-year life expectancy on men so while I don’t begrudge the years I am giving to my kids, I do miss the writing time. To combat the feeling of going batshit crazy without writing, I squeeze it into my schedule in 10 or 20 minute increments, before bed at night, and always on the train on the days I go into work. Not enough of a panacea, but enough to keep me from drowning.

    • *Grin* Sounds like you have great survival skills. And yes, you said it so well. It comes, actually, as a sweet reminder that nothing can take the place of Mom. Thanks. And keep writing. =)


  12. Welcome back! I was wondering about you, whether you had gone on a trip or something. Well, in a way you did. 🙂 Mr. Wayfarer is a good man; gotta appreciate him! Also, your son will be grown up in a blink of an eye, and you will be thankful that you had this opportunity of these short years to be with him, homeschooling, etc. I appreciate all the comments and sentiments of your readers — I think all of us writers see ourselves somewhere in all of this, trying to use our various gifts and fulfill our various vocations in life. Too often, we’re trying to do it all on our own steam, instead of giving God a chance to guide us. 🙂 Just today (timing “co-incidence”) a conversation happened about today’s expectations to “have it all.” Conclusion: you probably can have it all, but not all at the same time. 🙂 (This will make more sense when you get to my age 😉 ) Best wishes!

    • What lovely feedback. Wow. “you probably can have it all, but not all at the same time.” I’ve filed THAT away.

      “I think all of us writers see ourselves somewhere in all of this”

      Yes!! That’s exactly what I was after, not just to vent or pine. That’s what I always try to offer.

      And I appreciate the reminder of the reason I signed up for this. Bc Foodie will be gone and off on his own before I know it. Thanks for being here!


      • One more thing, Diana… 🙂 By saying you can’t have it all at the same time, I certainly didn’t mean you should put writing on the shelf, but maybe just focus on the most important aspect of it. If you don’t write something creative yourself each day, something gets lost in your skill and heart. Maybe all you need to do for now is cut out/ cut down all the wonderful comments you offer so many people, and make sure you post something yourself regularly, even if it’s short, just to make sure you are in the flow. People will understand, and you’ll still be present, and giving of yourself. After all, people are following your blog. Anyway, that’s two gold cents of advice that I’ve received from others and am working on myself. Hope this helps. 🙂 I totally agree with Ginene Nagel and others here.

      • Seriously…you are a gem. It’s simply not feasible to write everyday – even if it’s a little, or for myself. I have to suck it up and not whine. =) And I HATE it that I’m behind on likers and visit-backs. I’ve done my best in that area but again, just not possible to keep up. Know my appreciation for the obvious caring, H. =)


  13. I blog once a month (maybe) because I am so busy and I want each post to be good. This crazy blogland gestapo agent (whomever that is…I don’t know, I guess I’d call it “them.”) seems to have put the word out that bloggers need to post every day or once a week. You read and comment on about 1000 blogs, also. This is way too much for your artistic temperament. I know I am completely overwhelmed with life right now and I didn’t post anything last month. Many of the successful (?) writers of years gone by, had, like other artists, studios where no one came in the studio and asked them to take care of this or that. Like someone said above, some of my favorite blogs post once a month or even every two months. The numbers of very day readers might go down, but the candle burns where you are, my friend. You aren’t going to lose anyone.

    • Ginene, by now I smile and sink into my seat just a little deeper when I see a comment from you. I know it’s going to be good – like those beautiful posts of yours. “You read and comment on about 1000 blogs, also. This is way too much for your artistic temperament.” Oh, I love this. You are amazing, how you SEE me. I remember how you said The Measure of a Woman made you love my mother. Yes, G, part of the trouble I’ve been having keeping up is the underside of blogging, that of supporting the blogosphere that supports me. I am maxed out on time. I’ve not worried about losing anyone – but I’ve fretted greatly about having lost myself. =/ I love every word….thanks so much. I hope ThiNGs work out for you over there. (WHY are we [women] SO busy????!)


  14. I have missed you. Your blog was one of the very first that “liked” something I nervously posted. (thank you) You offered two words of advice on blogging in your “Ten Commandments…” and they run through my mind daily. #1 “Teach me something; tell me something I don’t know” (of course, this is from memory) and #2 “go out and meet five new friends a day.” Wise words, I’ve taken them to heart. So whether you post daily, (how is that possible to do, I have yet to figure out!) or every now and then, I continue to look forward to your Holistic Treasury:) blessings, denise ps: your boy is beautiful:)

    • Now HOW would I have known you felt this way and were holding onto a piece of this and that from me…unless I heard this?? THANK you for the encouraging feedback, Denise! #1 is actually from the quirky poem I Challenge You, LOL. (You got it right. I was talking to bloggers.) So has the “5 friends/day” helped you grow your blog? And you know you’re ace in my book: someone said beautiful boy? =)


      • Yes, your “words of wisdom” does help grow the blog, but I sure enjoy “revisiting” and taking the time to read what is posted:) Again, the “mommy” and how much time is really ours as mommies:) When I am out traveling the “Reader” (even when it is WAY pass my bedtime) I remember your advice to go out and encourage someone new and meet your neighbors!! ps: I have one “beautiful” boy too. He is 17 and oh no, he loves to write and write all day!! (Adventure, action & mystery) Thank you Diana:) blessings, denise

  15. Nice blog Aunt Hollister…But Hey!I am confused…Time shows you just wrote this blog in 6 hours,yet you gained so much traffic over this…
    I’m a Newbie in the world of WordPress…Give me tips on how to make my blog grow…

  16. All winter long here in Australia I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, except for a few sporadic posts here and them. Far and few, but when a post of yours pops up, it warms my heart – your words never fail to carry with them waves of emotion from the depths of your heart. Always worth the wait for your words. As the saying goes, quality over quantity.

    It’s frustrating isn’t it that life demands us to choose between what we have to do and what we want to do, very well broken down by the conference chart. Can we have both? Some say make time for it but It is hard to say and so since we all lead different lives…and things pop up at the last minute. But if there’s a will there’ll always be a way at some point when the stars align…

    When I started blogging almost three years ago, I made it a point to put up one post a week. On Thursdays, noon. A few months ago, work got in the way. Writing my book got in the way. So now it’s two post max a month. I think I can live with that…Sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice. In bits and pieces.

    • That is seriously amazing that you’ve been able to blog at that pace juggling work and book, M. It’s commendable for the long line of comments you have to work through and people to support back (what I call the underside of blogging). I wasn’t expecting such a deceleration in my posting this year. Looks like it’ll be hard to go back to what I was doing, given the increase of content in the schooling as T gets older. It is very hard as a wife and mom. I was doing dishes (a mountain pile) while cooking and serving up dinner and somehow getting back to a few comments tonight. Yes, pretty wiped here.

      But we are not dodging bombs or picking our way out of an earthquake, are we? I remind myself to stay grateful.


      • I really admire you for putting family first, D. There is nothing like family and close friends who you can count on – not only do you feel wanted and loved, we learn to love too and both of that, are amazing feelings. I hope the Mr helps out with the chores too and just doesn’t eat what you serve up…

        Truth be told, and I confess, I haven’t been working these last couple of months. In hindsight I think it’s a stupid decision when you’re talking about finances but…I am in a happy place with writing at the moment. The initial plan during this down time was to pump out one post per week, but that didn’t happen 😉 Let’s see if I can keep all this up when work kicks back in a few weeks.

        You are right. Things could be much, much, worse. Hope you are getting enough rest ❤

  17. Hey D, very interesting and heartfelt post here, as you’ve hit a number of trigger points for me. Not that my blog has anywhere near the stats yours does, but I share your feeling of loss when I’m away too long, It’s just really darn hard sometimes to find even a few free moment during the day to do a quick Reader scan, let alone write up a read worthy post. I see others do it, not only post daily but sometimes multiple times throughout To each his own though eh? It’s ok to pull back at times, a necessity I would say, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

    I do look forward to when you are ready to participate more, I’ve missed you. Both your posts and helpful hints! 🙂

  18. It feeds my relationship with myself, not to mention with people around the world………………….Yes! That sums up what seems so important to me, but we do have to live life, not just think about it or write about it. Cart and horse. I feel for you though, because your blog has reached and touched and helped so many people. Hard to put that aside. maybe quick journaling to be translated into blog posts later?

    • Glad you relate, Eileen. (And I had said “relationship with my self” on purpose. =) )

      “we do have to live life” Indeed. Been doing plenty of that! You should see the piles of notes “to be translated into posts” here. I appreciate you. You always bring a bouquet of encouragement.

  19. I think I would die bit by bit if I can’t write. There is so much to say. Most times we do it not for any financial gratification but for personal and deep satisfaction of our inner selves. I love your passion for writing and like I very well know it as a mother and wife, twenty four hours seems to speed by at times. Lovely article.

  20. Some days I look at my mailbox and think, D hasn’t posted anything for a loooong time. But eventually you do, and it’s always something mind blowing.
    So even if you you’re sucked in this urban jungle called life, I’ll wait for you. I’ll always wait for you when you’re ready to write again.


  21. Often times when I find myself in a dilemma with the choices that life offers, I find one thought by Jack Canfield very useful – mentioned in ‘The Secret’ book – “It took a lot of years for me to get this point, because I grew up very much with this idea that there was something I was supposed to do, and if I wasn’t doing it, God wouldn’t be happy with me. When I really understood that my primary aim was to feel and experience joy, I began to do only those things which brought me joy.”
    So, be in the moment, enjoy whatever you’re doing at present and let’s learn together to let go and forgive ourselves while we still explore our true purpose…

    • This. Is. Awesome. You should post it. Let me know if you do. John Piper talks about this, what he calls Christian Hedonism. It’s not a license of the pursuit of carnal or freewheeling desires but a call to return to the waters of life, of pleasure…in God. Thanks so very much for the thoughtful encouragement!!


  22. My kids are raised, grown and on their own, but not yet started their families. As I look back, I wish I would have tried harder to balance family life, volunteer work (my passion which was “the writing” of my past) and work. I quit to be a stay-at-home mommy and loved every minute. Eventually, the kids grew up and I wanted to go back to work as an engineer, but I was stuck in the 80’s era of engineering. Not taking advantage of the work opportunities presented to me (for part-time work) is my one regret. When I look at my boys, that regret begins to fade. We make the best decision we can at the time with the information that we have. Now, I encourage others to dream bigger and explore further down the road because you arrive there sooner than you think.

  23. I post once a month. It’s a self imposed deadline that I’m surprised to have been able to meet so far. My posts aren’t really blog posts, they’re the stories I send off to magazines. It takes me a month of rewrites to get something worth sending out. When I’ve done all I can do with them, they get posted. After three years? I think I have around 650 followers–mostly spammers–so I don’t really write for them. I just write the kinds of stories I like to read. It’s hard in the summer, when I spend so much time in the mountains, looking for inspiration. I find myself sitting on the creek bank, writing descriptions, thinking about people, wondering how I got there, amazed at what I’m seeing, and bewildered as to how to convey.

  24. Glad you’re back Diana. I think it’s a common problem to push writing down the priority list despite it being one of our ‘necessities’. Unfortunately, it’s something that can be put aside because unless we’re earning a living from it its not something we have to do – and yet spiritually we do have to do it for our own fulfilment and peace of mind.

  25. Well we all face these dilemma’s sooner or later, as everyone has said, Keep it going, you will surely get a hold of it all again, Be here whenever you can. we will always be here to read you 🙂
    Much love ❤

  26. Hi, Lots of comments already here. I’m glad to read another of your posts! I feel your frustration … I know a number of young (ish) writers like you, moms with kids, who have the same feelings. It sounds complacent, but, there will be time. I so hope there will. My writing could only really expand once the kids wee grown … and when they’ve grown is when you have also added so much wisdom which will I promise feed your writing, so don’t despair. Do what you can. I’ve raised 3 kids (2 of them twins) and learned so much about me and the world. Keep up as much blogging as you can, of course, but try to sit lightly to the frustrations … hard, I know! Love your thoughtful thoughts. Hope your guy becomes more tolerant and even keen on your writing gift. It can happen.

    • Hi Mari,
      I am bowled over by comments like yours. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement. I certainly hope wisdom will attend the aging. =) My little guy is absolutely keen on my writing. He would gladly forgo lessons to allow me to write LOL. =) Thanks for sharing your journey and for connecting so lovingly. Happy writing. =)


  27. I’ve thought of you lately, Diana. Your boy is getting so big, and he’s such a cutie. Keep pouring into him. But yes, I know what you mean. This need to do your passion. I need to too. It’s the only thing non-domestic that I have. Without it, there’s a huge piece missing. Know that there’s someone south of the equator that empathizes with you.

    • Ha ha ha. We will always be on the same wavelength, I think. You’ve been in my thoughts, too, S. I couldn’t pursue the pen-palling (egh, the spelling is so awkward). Been busier than I can say. So you’ve been homeschooling, yes? =)

      • Yes, I have been. And don’t be worrying about the pen palling thing. Cause is soooooo slow to write. Actually, he’s getting better. Plus, we have just started on trying to get him to write and tell things in a ‘proper’ way. I’m telling you, some of the stuff he comes up with…
        I’m sure you’re crazy busy. I can only imagine. I feel like I’m running my butt off these days. Daniel is traveling quite a bit, and when he’s not here I’m stuck with everything. Ugh. It’s all good though.

      • I compLaiN when I’m stuck alone. I said to someone on this thread that I (try to) stay grateful that we’re not rummaging our way in the aftermath of an earthquake or dodging bullets (or being persecuted for our faith or…)

      • Hahaha. Yea, I have a friend that told me that when she starts to feel down about or sorry for herself, she opens up the newspaper. Then she starts thanking God for how good she has it. hahaha.

  28. Oh great, I have no idea if I have already commented or not.I know that I read this post yesterday? Or at least I think that I did. Anyhow, I have no idea how in the world you can possibly keep up with all that you do and I surely hope that you are not running yourself into or in the ground. I have been very busy this summer since I am feeling some better and trying to get stronger and I only comment on about 20- 25 blogs maybe.

    I never once thought your blog had died. You need a rest from the harried pace that you generally keep.

  29. Incredibly expressed!! Yes…that’s been a passing thought in my head lately….The “Vitals” category seems all jumbled up right now!! Just what I needed 🙂 and hope to read more of your wise words 🙂

  30. “As long as your child is young … you let go the notebook with your thousand capacities spilling over its pages, and as it falls watch the rain bleed the ink into the ground. You take the hand you’ve emptied, and close it over his. And you die just a little. Writing, after all, is only your oxygen.”

    Sounds like a great quote to me. 🙂

  31. Reblogged this on The Dependent Independent and commented:
    It’s not just your blog that may have been dipping in stats, it’s across the board. I know I’ve had less interest in blogging in general, trying to make more productive use of my time— er, different use of my time. But seasonal changes aside (Summer sun), remember to stay engaged…maybe not every minute or hour, but…showing up is important.

    Vitals over necessities, YES… gotta have & find purpose, awareness— a.k.a., live; otherwise, you’re just existing. …On that note, it should perfectly okay to be away from the blog sometimes, since actual living and breathing come first. Not everything written goes up, am I right? 🙂

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  33. Ha! Is that what it took to bring you back? I was a little concerned…and you had said you had a year’s worth of posts planned…
    Diana, what can I say? You have to find the time to write, and if it has to be at 2am, then so be it. I will often write between 4-7 am because I know I will not be interrupted then. You cannot martyr yourself to your family. That is not service, that is annihilation.
    Plus, we miss you.

    • “had said you had a year’s worth of posts planned…” I do. That’s the saddest part. SIGH~! 2 am was not good – part of Liver Time. I finally decided to stitch up the post bc I just couldn’t sleep, but paid a steep price the next day. That is wonderful you get those quiet morning hours in. Been thinking of you. Will chk in when I can. Am behind on everything. I appreciate the sweet words, my friend.


      • My dear, blogging is a big ask when you are time poor – not only is there the writing, but there is the reading, the commenting and all of the other business. And…if you don’t feed the beast, well. You know what happens. But, you can still write, if you get my drift.

      • Ha ha ha. Another reader came back to say the same thing. You guys rock. I’m seriously impressed at how you keep them balls up in the air, girl. You don’t homeschool but you’ve taken on your own schooling. Thanks!! (I have a post in the works. He he.)

  34. Ive seen it said ‘you want what’s in short supply’ and thought it was very true. Maybe having to fight for your writing time makes you write with more conviction? I liked the EKG analogy!

My Two Gold Cents in the Holistic Treasury

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