107 thoughts on “A Rose In Her Hair

    • LOL Marissa, you are so funny. You find sinister everywhere! This wasn’t meant to be so – just very sad, for one thing – but I won’t take it from you if you wanna hold onto it. =)

  1. A rose is often more than just a rose. My favorite line ” He wanted to open her like the letter he had waited for and waited for.” (Btw- another funky link from the email to the website)

      • Wow, I didn’t expect an actual list! πŸ™‚ Now, fishing out a piece of hair is a real talent when you get to be middle-aged with readers! Too funny.

      • Diana, That’s the way I took it! My husband and you have this particular “thing” in common. One time, he found a fingernail clipping in his food. The manager said it was part of the basket. (It wasn’t the basket!) I consoled my husband by telling him that at least it wasn’t a toenail! LOL

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    • Hey, I really like the feedback, Andrea. I’ve been having fun playing with sexy out here. =)

      “full of yearning and something never to be finished (or maybe begun)” You got it. You got it.

  3. It would appear that they are intimate,
    And yet there is possession.
    He turns to her,
    But there is burden in his longing.
    There is innocence on his part,
    But the necklace was strung with need.
    It appears the power struggle is a give-away,
    Except that smart lovers
    Can see in innocence great

    They are close enough that
    She allows a kiss;
    She tastes his eloquence.
    There is wine however and fantasy
    That he ties around her ankle
    While he kneels.

    He wants to open her
    And she is as far away as
    This letter to others about love.
    The bouquet fell
    By her direction to catch a tear,
    Which was its purpose,
    While the petals pretended it was a raindrop
    Lying on the ground they were dying for him.

  4. It was beautiful. I felt carried, like a leaf upon your stream of expression. Thank-you so very much for the lovely experience to bring my week-end to a gentle close.

  5. Unrequited love: Like making all the effort to prepare a gourmet, sugar-free, gluten-free meal (with precise attention to detail) and then it ends up tasting like cold, lumpy mashed potatoes. And sometimes it is a mistake and simply unfair to expect someone else to satiate one’s intense hunger for (_____).

    • ” simply unfair to expect someone else to satiate one’s intense hunger for (_____).” You nailed it, Momma. And we can fill that in with so many demands. I had just finished Memoirs of a Geisha and found myself in the mood for such a poem. The reason good novels work is someone always loses: that’s life.

      • That’s right – demands. And that’s what some of us call a relationship – a long list of demands, and commands.

        “The reason good novels work is someone always loses: that’s life.” Bingo amiga! Our body memory kicks in when we see loss in others and it changes us as we relive our own pain narrative and, adds to our emotional inventory, someone else’s loss.

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