The Idiot’s Guide to a Happy Marriage: For Men

If you haven’t figured out these tricks by now, time may still be willing to save your relationship. So here we go. Those few days out of the month:

angry-woman1. Keep a spare pair of boxing gloves on hand for defensive blocks. Think of it as a workout. Build muscle and coordination. How nice, you don’t even have to go to the gym. Hey, give it ten years and you’ll be looking sharp and buff. You should thank her.

2. Accept the fact that you are stupid and anyone who goes near her is too. She has a soft spot for the kids but keep kickable pets away.

3. Try extra hard to pretend you’re listening. You just might get away with it if you look up when those lips start moving faster than you can handle.

4. Here’s your chance. Fix something, anything. The shingles on the roof, camera tripod, all the stuff you love tinkering with when you’re not napping. Break it first behind her back if you have to – but be sure you can FIX it!

5. Don’t forget the trash. Gosh, don’t forget the trash.

Bouquet26. You know the Yes, Dear that you haven’t been practicing? Well, good news. The premarital advisers were wrong. You don’t have to say it all the time. Statistics prove the abracadabra works when employed just two days a month. Pick your hardest days. Takes less than two seconds – that’s not even four in a painful week. Wow, a year’s worth of peace in 48 seconds. Tell me of a cheaper, faster kind of relationship therapy out there.

7. Take her out. A movie will keep her quiet and entertained. She may even laugh. But if the trip alone with her in the car scares you too much…

8. What does she like? Play her favorite song. Bring home flowers. How could you forget she’s craving sweets? Run her a hot bath, get her out of your hair for half an hour.

FinalWeddingSolo9. Remember why you wanted to marry her. The way she looked the day you met. (Her body.) Her mind (her body), her spirituality (her body). In fact, make that a wedding photo on your screensaver or phone. Take saving advantage of your visual facility and stare at the picture until you hypnotize yourself into believing that person’s still in there. Somewhere. People have been using guided imagery to conquer phobias and lose weight for centuries. You can do it, rescue your beloved from the premenstrual invasion of the Body Snatcher.

10. If all else remains lost, cry. Since you can’t beat her, join her. No need to admit you’re weeping over the death of your dreams. S Impress her with how deep and sympathetic you can be and experience together a new level of rapturous communion that’ll usher in a fresh love. Not a big deal you’ll have to do it all over again in a month. You’ll feel so much better.

And Happy 10th Anniversary to the Holistic Couple.

Holistic Love Doctor, M.LoveEd., Ph.D., HMFT, LoveL.Ac., L.HChVoodoo

302 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide to a Happy Marriage: For Men

  1. “No need to tell her you’re crying over the death of your dreams.”

    Was the whole piece sexist, or true and helpful? I vote the latter, and laughed hysterically at that line above : )

  2. After 24 years my husband is outstanding at the half-listen- the nod or head in the right place, the ‘yes, love’ that actually sounds as if he’s listened to everything I’ve said. I don’t know if he thinks I’ve been ‘body-snatched’- I definitely do. Still think I’ll look in the mirror and see that taut faced, rosy cheeked, wrinkle free girl I was twenty years ago. Instead, I look up and there’s my mum staring back at me!

  3. I’ve been away, but it’s so good to be back. Loved this post and ‘blessings’. Your wryness never gets old. Happy anniversary? We’ve just had our 10th too. Forget feminism, it’s a battle of wills and wiles. Once a month, after 10 years, if he hasn’t figured it out already, he deserves every blow he gets! 😉

    • LOL!! “, if he hasn’t figured it out already, he deserves every blow he gets! ;)”

      I was thinking of you last wk. I was off the grid for a bit myself. How funny we’ve been married (crying, throwing things….) the same length of time. LOL.

      Welcome back!


  4. Love the eighth and ninth point, (her body) (her body) and play her fave songs, bring her flowers, Men are you listening? Every man should be seeing this i guess not only husbands but I guess pt. no. 8 applies on both bf and husbands. Hilarious post, thank you for visiting me. 🙂

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