The Best Gift You Can Give Her

He wants more coupons:


Well, what about me? Why am I the only one giving these out?

How about this for the wife?


Actually, scratch that. I’ll take one of each for Levels 1 and 2, and ten for Level 3.


If you missed them, the nap post is here and the first coupon post here.

56 thoughts on “The Best Gift You Can Give Her

      • Somebody quoted somebody else sometime ago that basically, you don’t want to be enemies with a writer (well. enemies is a strong term, but just to emphasize…). The pen is really mightier than the sword 😉

      • LOL I think he’s realizing that more and more. He didn’t see this post coming. After the publish, he read it and came downstairs with eyes narrowed, lips puckering in protest, “Heeyyyyyyy……”

    • He’ll LOVE it and you guys will laugh like nothin’. And yeah, women like you can pretty them up really nicely. ME? The Mafia has no time time or talent for glue and glitter. Just write the bloody words, get to the point. I’d love to know what coupons you end up giving him (the G and PG ones at least he he).

  1. Peggy gives me coupons as well. But hers are more like: three hours of quiet time for writing. 🙂 Since she likes to play games and I, not so much, my coupons are more like: 12 games, and no whining. 🙂 –Curt

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