The Best Gift You Can Give Him

You know the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas?

On the third day of Christmas
My true love gave to me:
three French hens
two turtle doves and
a partridge in a pear tree.

So I got in with some friends a few years ago where we counted down the 12 days to Christmas with a gift a day for our husbands. Like the song goes, we used the number of the day we were on for our theme. Day 1, maybe a note “You’re the only one for me” taped to a Hershey’s Kiss. Day 2, “We make a great pair” tied to a pear with his lunch. Day 3, a three-pack of tic-tacs or underwear.

Well, I realized it was already Day 4 and I hadn’t given him the coupon.


“Shoot! If only I’d remembered on Day 1. I would’ve gotten away with only one.”
So the Mister got a whoppin’ four, which in keeping with the number theme, would be good ’til April 4.

I never saw the man so happy. He danced around and promptly hopped to the computer where he scanned the coupon to Facebook. There were moments that day when he wished he had them in the car to redeem.

Ladies, the coupon takes minutes and costs nothing but the bit of blood you get biting your tongue.

80 thoughts on “The Best Gift You Can Give Him

    • (Laughing hard behind the stern, sharp look)
      NO. Just stay out of the line of fire. There, shift a bit to the left.
      Wait. You’re among those who’ve bolted his seat here.
      Oh, all right. VIP readers get one coupon – good for the WHOLE year.
      Yuo can look out for it in your inbox.
      And if you wait and wait and it doesn’t show, it means SPAM ate it.
      But I did send.
      The Godmother’s word is always good.

  1. Diana, You ended this too soon. I was hooked and looking forward to days 5 – 12. (More posts to come I hope!) Or then again, maybe Day 4 is all our husbands really want. Nothing else is needed! LOL

    • LOL!! Right. I didn’t even need to tax my brain about the rest of those 12 days.
      (And shoot, I deleted two lines at the end – some recent dialogue between the Mr. and Mrs. – to close with the bit of blood you draw. Was torn whether to keep them in or not. Decided to save THAT for another day. *wink*

  2. I LOVE it. Excellent stocking stuffer for my husband. I might even gift him/torture myself with multiple coupons (that’s how much therapy we’ve had.)


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  4. Super cool idea… even if the coupon is valid for a day, that’s going to be the best present 🙂

    But I am sure about one thing, most of the husbands here won’t be able to give a return gift of the same value, in money terms 🙂

  5. Where is that character and photo of? It’s so rare to see an Asian woman in Western /Viking like armour (not Asian armour and swords, although that’s cool too). Later one day, maybe you can respond differently on certain questions (ie. the credit card vs. allowance, etc.).

  6. The original Twelve Days of Christmas began ON Christmas Day and followed for a near fortnight. It was a true celebration not quite our capitalist carnival of consumption that the 12 days BEFORE have now become. It is nice though that you did this. 🙂

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