In My Fantasy, Part 2

1. I look 27.
2. It’s all about me. ME. ME.
3. I am an English Professor.
4. I’m on top of it. Not under it.
5. There are still no women around.
6. I can sleep. Just flick that brain switch.
7. I don’t have to hold my tongue to pull off a rockin’ marriage.
8. Time lets me put out the 20 posts waiting, waiting to see day.
9. I don’t do stupid things like look for the pair of glasses on my head.
10. Husbands don’t have ADD when their wife talks more than two minutes.
11. I’m a bottomless reservoir of patience and sweetness as wife and mom.
12. Marriage isn’t work. Nah, those vows were an easy ride into the happily ever after.


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74 thoughts on “In My Fantasy, Part 2

  1. Oh yes! I loved #6 just flick the brain switch! I so wish there was one! #10 made me lol! I say hello are you seriously reaching for the remote!! 😄I love your wonderful writing style! 😄

  2. LOL, I like this! I can’t tell you my fantasy because that would make it like, pre-meditated with a well documented motive 😉

    I suppose I could tell you that I am very nearly living my very own fantasy at the moment, but that sounds so smug I’d have to slap my own self. One thing I can say, life gets a whole lot easier when your kids get a bit older, when you stop trying so hard, when you completely lose your mind….

  3. “bottomless reservoir of patience and sweetness”: sounds great, and it is always helpful to be like that.

  4. Over the years I’ve lost a bit of faith in my fantasy- my reality could never measure up to it and was constantly leaving me disappointed. I can definitely relate though- some of what you’ve listed were on my fantasy list too. xo

  5. I wonder what my fantasy might be if I were to throw my mind out of gear? Maybe I actually need to throw it into gear just once to see what it might do.

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