Ten Lessons In Case I Die

1. Don’t marry someone like your mother. Choose a woman who wakes smiling.

2. Use your strength for those who’re weak.

3. People don’t care if you’re right, especially when it means they’re wrong.

4. Try it again. Better or differently.

5. Keep singing.

6. Whatever you do, leave your signature on it. And I don’t mean sign it.

7. Follow your gut.

8. Give without expecting.

9. Move on when people let you down. There is so much more to live for.

10. Things can be worse. Remember that you’ve had a mother who’s loved you beyond her ability.

132 thoughts on “Ten Lessons In Case I Die

  1. Actually, I had a run-in with 3 a few painful wks ago. Person didn’t want to hear reason. Was dead-set on holding onto misperceptions. I had to do 9. Move on. =) (Was hard.)

    I’ve been smiling a little more with the early sun. =)

  2. Giving without expecting can be a toughie. If you are the type of person who loves to give 100% of yourself, it is hard when you do not experience adequate reciprocity. There has to be some way to maintain a balance while being true to your giving nature. I’m still looking for that middle ground.

    • “loves to give 100% of yourself” You are just not going to get it back adequately. I think the kind of giving I spoke of calls for strong roots, a strong sense of self. Not to say you don’t have that. Something we can all work on.

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