It’s Your Fault

Before you hit that like button, know that I’ve disabled it under the post. So if you tap it on your notice, I’ll know you didn’t read. I feel bad getting all these likes. Wondering if it’s the Korean in me.

The ballooning comments to When Parenting Sucks makes me think I should put out When Marriage Sucks. Any other ideas? Maybe When Christian Music Sucks.

I’d better hop off before I’m boycotted.

I love you, Husband!

188 thoughts on “It’s Your Fault

  1. I am doing my Sunday morning “intuit” read on my blog and I just realized something. If someone leaves a “like” and does not comment…I can get to their blog faster. It would not surprise you, as I have on my phone, 10 thousand emails!!!. If I see their like, I can get to their blog. Even though my computer email only has about 300 emails. I’m just looking at the efficiency of “like”.

    I think you are writing and interacting much more efficiently from your blog, as your concentration is on responding to your readers, I comment on at least 15 other blogs every week, as I like to see what they bring up in my expanded world of connecting. Your efficiency is streamlined already. Liking for me could be as simple as “wow” that was cool, as I go into the gym, work, play, I may read something in that moment, and may have only “a moment” to respond through reader, with a “like”.

    I wanted to comment efficiently here (as this would normally be in the comments on parenting) on the “Nobel Prize” given to a women in math for the first time . After I read about this, a study at Yale indicated that young men and women do not go to math clubs and math competitions for “FUN” in the US. Still considered a social “shut out”, making it hard for parents to encourage “math” for fun. It is especially hard for young women to step out of the box that math is not “girly” or that it is not “cool”. Someday a “nerd” will be really “cool” and math will be the “fun” outside the home. Much Love Robyn

    You can move that last comment into your parenting post if you so desire. Tehe on your efficiency

    • I like the like button. =) For those reasons and more. I was addressing those who might press before getting to the end. It was a wild crowd that day…people had so much fun w/ this. I actually managed to screech them to a halt before they pressed, but over 50 maverick readers went back to press it on their notice after reading LOL (and scowl).

      It was cool to be a nerd in my high school, no matter the gender or subject. The top magnet school in NYC. Almost off topic, but just so people can visualize: many girls – all so bright – dressed up for class everyday.

      • I “Get it” now about your “like” button Thank you so much for being “YOU” by the way, about your parenting post!

        Oh so awesome on your experience in high school! Its seems from the Yale study very rare..Yet Asian males were at the top of most math classes…it still has been “unpopular in most high schools” even to the point where girls had a hard time getting dates if they were good in math! So glad my girls kept it going!
        Opps on the off subject..yet wanted to share this.
        Much love Robyn

      • It was actually a math/science magnet school. I somehow got by with the writing. =) One of my best friends, a Korean-American like me, studied math at M.I.T. =) I imagine if I canvassed our graduating class she was in the minority as a female.

    • That may have been the first time. I managed to stop the likes in their tracks but many willfully supportive readers went back and clicked LIKE on their notification after reading LOL. I think I’ll do it again sometime… =)

  2. Unfortunately, it is common situation when people putting “like” in WP Reader with no real reading the post. It is the WP team who can change the situation. It is easy to take off the button “Like” in Reader. At least it make fake “like” impossible from one of the resources.

    • I have to admit that the comments on this board as well as the time report on my email notifications (when someone reads more than one post) show me most of the likes here are authentic. =) I just wanted to call out the minority. Thx for the faithful follow, Alex. It’s a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog – every time.


  3. Brilliant test! Lol. We know many people hit ‘like’ to show they have visited and may not have read. But there are others out in the cyber world who do read and may not feel like commenting. I know I don’t have time to read every single post of all those I follow, and some I do read and ‘like’ I may not comment on. But most definitely, if I have ‘liked’, I have been there. 🙂

  4. Well I am finally able to connect with you again after a long 6-8 weeks, traveling and moving. I have not forgotten you or neglected you but I had a lot to do and I did not have a lot of access to any WIFI. But I am living in a serene place called Woodstock , in northern Georgia. Here i am again I have missed visiting your posts. But I also had an issue with getting notifications from those I follow, and wordpress helped me, so I use a different email address…so here I am. I like answering as many of those who comment on my posts as i can, and also commenting on many that I read, its just my nature to acknowledge what someone has taken the time to share. Have a lovely evening D! Hugs!

    • W, I was jUst talking w/ someone who’s followed by email who has NOT been getting my posts. She’s the umpteenth one to report this. Can you tell me what Staff told you the issue was with the email address you were using? I so appreciate the generous feedback. So glad things have calmed for you somewhat.

  5. I agree and partially disagree with you on the Like Button concept..Sometimes,people whom I regularly follow and i am able to get an idea on a hurried glance,I hit the like button and read them carefully later when I am free and comment.Why do I hit the Like button ? it will make anyone feel happy one who gets hardly 10-15 likes or less on a post and only a handful of comments.

    • I did say in the other comments that the button serves many purposes. =) It was just how I felt that moment. I was also drowning in likes and comments that day and wanted to stave them by that point in the day. =)

      • Hmm,I skimmed through few comments …But I would take it on a happy note,may be your post was really most awesome that day…;) Sorry,if I said anything wrong…

      • Oh not at all, Ady! Your comment was fine. I actually meant to add that you’re a very sweet reader to do that for others. =) I happen to have one kick-xxx readership lol, a most thoughtful, supportive, intelligent crew. So grateful for them and every kind visit.


  6. When anything sucks is always interesting . . . Hey thanks for the visit. I’ve considered maybe getting rid of the ‘like’ button, just so peeps may actually come by and read. Comments are better than likes.

    • Huh…I dare you. LOL. Seriously, many bloggers actually do that for just that reason, though they’re in the minority among the millions of us out here. Thx for the follow. You can number yourself among quite a special group of artists and thinkers. =)


  7. Its nice that ‘pressing’, sharing my own thoughts &feelings also introduces me to so many others who like have something to say, something to get us thinking…. Keep it up HW and everyone else, cheers.

  8. Hmmm…I, uh, “like” this 🙂 I do use the “like” button, but indeed only after I have read through a post. I sometimes hit “like” without reading *carefully* but doing so creates a nice list to go back to later for more careful reading. I would feel guilty to do otherwise. It’s like jaywalking, I think! Totally illegal but most people do it from time to time?

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  10. I never hit LIKE if I don’t mean it, and especially if I haven’t checked what’s said in posts. I do, on many occasions hit LIKE and do not comment because either time is limited or everything’s already been said by others. Many times, I just hit LIKE and not know what to say because I base it on how I feel about the post, even if sometimes I cannot explain what makes a post very appealing to me. Sometimes I hit LIKE to encourage fellow writers, too (I hope it really does help).

  11. Hi Diane. I feel so bad because it has been ages since I last read and commented here. Work takes the best of me. It seems as though the quickest way I can blog, is by reblogging. I figured, “If I don’t have time to write, then my followers and readers can read what I have read and found interesting.” An overload of “likes” huh? I do agree on how that can confuse you as to the genuine purpose of the like. I see that you are leaning towards disabling comments too. Hmm… How long will this process last? How to get in touch with the Holistic Wayfarer. Will she open to emails?

    • Ha ha ha. Hey, you beat me to it. I was actually planning to visit this wk. Thx for the reblog. Nah – the comments are the heart of this blog, the way this rockin’ community comes together. I just didn’t want any praise (“hey, I was wondering why you haven’t posted”) because I actually saw some loyal readers chkg in – through the Stats.
      I hope you’re at least enjoying work. Appreciate your connecting, so lovingly at that.

      DianA =)

  12. I always read a post before ‘liking’ it; I sometimes read posts and don’t like or comment. I have had a break from blogging over the summer and am slowly getting back into the swing again. One of the most useful things I have learned from my break is that blogging is something I choose to do and if it becomes an obligation, it’s time to switch off again. At the moment, I am switched on.
    You were one of the first people to ‘visit’ me, and I have loved reading your posts over the past 8 months.

    • Aww….Julia. You can’t know what a hard week it’s been. WAIT. It’s only TUES?!!!! Oh, shoot. And I’ve counted sheep the past two nights. Your closing encouragement is water to this weary (understatmt) soul.

      I have known you read for real. =) And that sometimes or often you’re a silent reader. I’ve appreciated your support, and you know, when someone steps away, I don’t often keep visiting them only because I don’t want to obligate anyone to visit back. =) I figure people have their reasons for the breather or even unfollow. It’s my way of freeing them to come and go. I don’t presume and I don’t want to try to bind anyone here. I’ve thought of you the past two weeks. So nice hearing from you, my friend. Thx for taking the time.


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