The Wayfaring

So another day gives way to dusk
Feels like more than 40 years of road

I kept pace down Fifth Avenue
and ambled on West 4th where
I shot the eight ball into corner
pockets in the Village, time
ungrudging when I was young.

Verdant Pennsylvania trails crossed
country to Pacific sand where I met
the man who would set out to chart
new ground with me.

I’ve stumbled on pockmarked
streets, lost the North Star
benighted by strength that failed
me. Oh, those angels I couldn’t pay back
because I was meant to pay forward.

And I still do.

Let me set down this bag:
wallet, pots, dishes, cordial
aged with memories I’d like to
rewrite but full with inspiration
unco-rked it purples pages of books,
paper and pen

And though night blackens my way
tonight, with faith in a new moon
I rise again for the holistic journey.


46 thoughts on “The Wayfaring

  1. Keep Rising….Keep Righting…Keep Writing…Keep Reaching Out The Way You Do! And Thank You For Sharing ;0) I Like The Gentle Flow Of This Poem…I Admire Your Style and Love Your Creative Expression Also. *Am coming back to read some more later… Namaste xx

      • I am because you are…so you are because I am springs to mind! I am new to blogging and just working my way round the settings. …but I can read and write and certainly know how to appreciate gifted creative sharers or light bearers such as yourself! I am honoured to read your gift and am inspired by you also… it is I that am Blessed by your words…Truley!

  2. Lovely, wistful, weary and wise….
    “I’ve stumbled on pockmarked
    streets, lost the North Star
    benighted by strength that failed
    me. Oh, those angels I couldn’t pay back
    because I was meant to pay forward.”

    Seems to me that your sensitivity, self-awareness, and perseverance have beknighted you, wayfaring one, and like the luminous moon, and partly through the power of your pen, you rise again…and again. Thank you for the beauty.

    • What a blessing that greets me this morning, Chloe. Oh my. (I love the “weary” most in that line!) I can’t say it enough: I can’t believe readers like you who actually SEE me. Forget Stats: I feel this is the height of fulfillment in blogging and writing. THANK you!!

  3. Diana, sounds like a unique, rich path from 5th Avenue ….. to the Pacific. LOve this “Oh, those angels I couldn’t pay back because I was meant to pay forward. Says so much about how I perceive you to be.

    • Honesty is always welcome, esp when shared respectfully. I embrace yours. My husband did not put up a like on this one, for a similar response. But then again, he didn’t recognize himself in it (the man who set out to chart new ground with me) so I dismissed his critique this time as careless reading LOL. My About also explains how my journey took me from NY and PA to CA, but one need not have to read that to get the poem. I think bloggers are too polite with one another – to the point of being afraid to say anything less than golden in the comments when it’s a COMMENTs box, not a PRAISE box. This poem was not one of my best and I was surprised by the feedback that came in. At the same time, it was carefully architected (starting with the imagery and metaphor of day to dusk, ending in the finality and open-endedness of the night). The poem was in fact inspired in part by the science my son and I have been learning, how a black sky is actually a new moon (not a no moon). Thank you for the likes and the follow. If you happen to have any nature shots with geese in flight, I’d love to take a look.

  4. There’s a heartbeat and healing energy in your writing; the combination of the articles of movements i.e. feet, billiard ball, moon, years… very intimately connected by their relation to your heart/ your being. Exceptional ! Blessings dear friend ~Faithfully Debbie

      • I hear you, you have to do the family thing first, and then everything else. You gotta keep the priorities straight. I’m trying to lose at least 60lbs. so I’m excited to read your blog, and do things the right way.

      • Oh, S. I’m so glad you shared this goal with me. I will PRAY for you – to be able to keep on. Actually, I’m facing a health goal myself, finding myself having to climb the road yet again (frustrating beyond words). So we are in this together.

        Just keep in mind that meat builds tissue (which you don’t want) and produce cleans and eliminates. But this season, you don’t want to go raw. Too cooling. Go with lots of lightly steamed or roasted veg and fruit and water between meals. The Wonder Years page wasn’t just entertainment. Meant to be a lesson in there for everyone – on the rewards of sugar. There are so many alternatives nowadays.

        And I did see 12 Yrs just after you tapped me about it. =) I wanted to chk out your post only after writing about it so I stay focused on my thoughts. Xxxxxx Diana

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