It’s Strawberry Season

strawberry_picture_slicedI’d completely forgotten that I did in fact write a poem since migrating to California. Bright little Joseph, who saw me for a few homeschool enrichment lessons in first grade, picked me some strawberries from an organic field about 10 years ago. As rusty as I felt with the last poem I’d written somewhere in another lifetime, I found myself writing him this thanks. It was, in fact, inspired by his poem Red.

No. You will find no philosophy of fruit, no meditation on the bounty of Providence behind this one. This piece of work must be the only one in my repertoire where I’m not investigating the metaphysical dimensions of the moment – but just being.

Your Strawberries

Your strawberries run
under the water. Piles of
green tops to the left,
ready reds to the right.
And the black-red ones
say they are ripe.
I’d never noticed all the yellow
seeds. I count over a hundred
on a baby berry.

I bite.

You’d think
strawberries were quiet.

The sweetness spurts enthusiasm
through my chews.

The soft ruby was an exemplary Valentine –
before the mar of teeth and the red lays
bare a white heart.

10 thoughts on “It’s Strawberry Season

  1. I really appreciate the kudos, esp coming from you. I have the funniest thing to share…my husband and I were talking last night about how the strawb poem was not one of my best works and how I went against my better judgment to post it. Took that feeling to bed with me and dreamt that the moment I awoke I was going to remove it from the blog before anyone saw it bc it wasn’t worthy of readers’ time ha ha ha ha. I woke, in reality, to a surprising series of likes. LOL.

    I’d love to share this one with you, for the humor of the moment….it did well, as far as reader response goes, until the Writing Series topped it and the system bumped it off the Most Popular list:
    Thanks again for your time and the support.

    • Thanks, Alice. I don’t really consider myself a poet (have high standards). There is the funniest story attached to this poem…amusing to me and my husband, at least. I won’t go into it, but suffice it to say I was very surprised at how popular it got bc we knew it wasn’t my best work. I was rooting for it to drop off my Most Popular list LOL bc I thought other posts were better. People continued to Google or word search “strawberry” even after it fell of my list!!! Even last night. *Baffled* LOL!!! Xxxxxx

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